Thursday, April 22, 2010

Filling Up With Words

I write every day. Well, mostly every day. There are days where I sit and stare at my computer screen. There are days when I forget to turn off the internet and I cruise the web as if an addict looking for some sort of fix. But, for the most part, unless I am traveling, I try to write every day.

This is my job.

On the days I consider skipping out or cutting or being lazy I always ask myself, if someone else paid me to go to an office would I take a vacation day today? Would I call in sick? If the answer is no, I show up here, at the computer.

But in order to write everyday, I must fill up with words. Lots of them.

In the past week I've finished three books.

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

You Suck by Christopher Moore

The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins

A disparate mix to be sure. But the one common factor with regards to these three books is that they are each very good. These books, are books in which each author can be happy with, proud of, and know that their readers will enjoy. Yes, one is a Pulitzer, one is a mainstream horror/comedy and one is a romance but each is lovely.

Well written. Great language. Intriguing characters.

A read, that once finished, I felt was time well spent. Because, isn't that what every author strives to do? Hopefully, our readers, no matter what genre we write in, when they finish with the book, take a small breath and say 'that was a good story', or 'that was worth my time' or 'I'm glad I read that.'

And if I need to fill up with words, I'd rather have them be well-written ones.



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