Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Classic Romance

Dear reader, you remember this little contest (I say little with my tongue firmly entrenched in my cheek) I entered last year. The judges made me runner up. I was shocked, surprised and thrilled. But here's the thing...I entered one chapter. One. And one chapter does not a book make.

Soon after the announcement I spoke with Bryony Green, who is beyond brilliant, and she gave me some fab notes on my one chapter. I incorporated her notes and continued to write. Once I finished three chapters, I forwarded them to Bryony. I have to say, it is a brilliant experience to email and discuss bits of a manuscript with an editor, especially one as astute as Bryony. I wish a similar experience for every writer. Bryony responded with notes (are you seeing a theme.) Notes I incorporated into the first three chapters and then continued writing the rest of the book.

Well, the rest of the book is finished. I wrote. I edited. I rewrote. I polished. I had Beta readers read. I edited some more. I rewrote. And now...well now I've gone and done it! I pushed send on my email and the manuscript is gone. Gone! The Billionaire's Proud Mistress, my humble attempt at Classic Romance, is now safely in the hands (errr, the email que) of a fabulous editor.

Now the worst part. I wait. Wait, darn it, (fingers crossed) for the call.


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