Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall TV

I am a tv addict and I love this time of year because there is a crop of new shows and my old favorites return to the air with new episodes. Just a little commentary on some of my faves so far.

Still love it. Love the songs and the dancing and the characters.

Subversive. This show is brilliantly written with some great nods to former tv shows. I like that the characters are flawed and their flaws are very funny. Betty White in the pilot...well it's Betty White-brilliant.

Still enjoying this show. I like the dynamics within this big family.

Modern Family
The funnier version of every family. In every episode there is something that makes me laugh.

As for new shows...

Mike & Molly
I think this may be a winner. The comedic timing by the actors is spot on.

I was heartbroken they cancelled this show after only two episodes. The writing was tight and the acting superb. I would have liked to see more.

!@# My Dad Says
William Shatner. What's not to love?


Friday, September 17, 2010

First Week of School

Well the first week of school is complete. Each year, I seem to forget how hectic this week is. I pack lunches, I go to school with the children, and I shuffle them to their various activities. As the children discover their new classes and teachers and classmates I am rediscovering some important things too.

First yoga. Aaaah. How I love yoga. The workout plus the endorphin release at the end soothes my soul. I am calmer, more fit, and happier when I practice. This week I discovered a class at the studio I attend that fits nicely wedged between my writing schedule and the children's school/activity schedule.

Second meditation. Quiet contemplative thought. With this busy summer I didn't often find time to sit peacefully and meditate or perhaps I didn't carve out the time. Now that our school year routine is reestablished I've found the perfect time to meditate. I like to sit in silence just before I write. The words flow more freely and I find a clarity of language that is more difficult for me to attain when I haven't meditated.

Finally more time to write. I must pat myself on the back as I was good this summer. I did stick to my writing schedule (mostly). Between the demands of pilot season and a new screenplay I had plenty to accomplish.

What have you rediscovered with the beginning of the school year and the entrance of fall?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

On this day...

I find that tears come easier. I hug my children more. I think about New York. I thank God for the many blessings in my life and seek grace.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Girlfriends Book Club

Come visit me today at Girlfriends Book Club where I blog about Film, Television, and Books Too!

Friday, September 3, 2010

End of Summer

How can it be that this weekend is Labor Day?! As my children grow older (and I remain the same age) time goes faster and faster and faster. I look at the pages on my calendar and am shocked by how quickly the days fly by me. This summer, for our family, has been an adventure with travels to see family to book conferences to meetings to trips to the beach. While I love summer and all that it entails I look forward to the structure that the start of the school year provides to my family.

I hope you and your enjoy this final vacation weekend of summer!