Friday, April 27, 2012

Hollywood Girls Club-FREE!

That's right. This Friday and Saturday my very first book Hollywood Girls Club is FREE on Amazon!
Please go get your copy! Download! Read! Enjoy! And don't forget about my new little gem: Can't Buy Me Love.
The good reviews for Can't Buy Me Love just keep coming! I like contemporary romance and this one was, plain and simple, a good one! Smitten With Reading ...we got to focus on the sweetness of the relationship between Meg and Cole, and to enjoy watching them fall in love. The Romanceaholic Why not get both and make it a reading weekend filled with Maggie Marr! (A girl can dream!) xoMaggie

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sandra Novack's Blog

Today I am guest blogging at Sandra Novack's blog. I am giving away a copy of Can't Buy Me Love to one lucky commentor!

Please stop by and leave a comment!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


by Melissa Clark

In 2007 I boarded a plane to Phoenix, Arizona to participate in a book festival. I was promoting my first novel, "Swimming Upstream, Slowly." It was the 6th or 7th festival I'd attended and I knew the drill now - fun parties, cool people, interesting panels. This time I was told I was speaking on a panel with someone named Maggie Marr, who was out with her first novel, "The Hollywood Girls Club." The morning of our speaking engagement, we arrived to our tent in the blazing Arizona heat and were both surprised to find that there was no moderator - just two microphones, two bottles of water and two chairs. Both nervous, we somehow launched into an impromptu discussion like two seasoned pros - improvising questions to each other and fielding comments from the audience. Our performance was as though we were old friends, yet we'd only just met 12 hours earlier at the welcome party the night before. Maggie and I had what I like to call an "instabond." We simply clicked. I'd met countless other wonderful people at various festivals, speaking on various panels, but those friendships began and ended with the weekend. Five years later and I count Maggie as one of my closest friends. Our instabond was not fleeting, it had legs, as they say.

It is because of Maggie that I just launched my second novel, "Imperfect" as an ebook. A novel about a girl who purrs in pleasure proved to be a hard sell to publishing houses. Many editors fought for the book in in-house meetings, but ultimately it could never get consensus. Watching Maggie prepare to launch her ebook "Can't Buy Me Love," as well as her backlist of "Hollywood Girls Club" really lit a fire under me. I'd always cringed at the term 'self-publishing' thinking it LESS THAN mainstream publishing, but Maggie was convinced that it was a privilege for authors to be able to do this, and boy was she right. How lucky to live in a time when authors can be proactive about their work, not just succumb to publishing trends. A born control-freak, I've never had so much control in my life - from cover design to accruing blurbs, to simply getting it out there. "Imperfect" lives because I willed it to.

Funny, after coming to terms with it, I would definitely now describe my relationship to self-publishing as an "instabond".

I am giving away a copy of my ebook "Imperfect" as well as my first novel (book form) "Swimming Upstream, Slowly," to someone who leaves a comment on this post about any "instabonds" you have experienced in your own life. The winner will be selected by

Thank you to Maggie for hosting me on her blog and for being such a wonderful, genuine and perfect friend.

Melissa Clark is the author of "Imperfect" and "Swimming Upstream, Slowly", as well as the creator of the animated television show, "Braceface," which aired on the ABC Family Channel and starred the voice of Alicia Silverstone. Clark teaches writing and literature at Otis College of Art and Design and The Writing Pad in Los Angeles. You can follow her on her blog Connections Clark and look for her on Facebook, Twitter (@lilok30) and Goodreads.

Monday, April 9, 2012

She's Beautiful and She's Ready For The Digital Dance

She's beautiful, isn't she. Hollywood Girls Club is my first novel. My first *sigh* love.

Here are some of the fantastic things reviewers had to say about Hollywood Girls Club when she first hit the scene.

Marr's titillating debut...Marr offers plenty of steamy romance.  Each woman gets a string of lovers--some winners, some losers--in her bawdy romp.  --Kirkus
Hollywood power-puff Marr pulls back the curtain on the wizards of Tinseltown...The girls' club cutthroat and callous turns out to be a lot like the boys' club, but cattier and more fun to read about. --Publisher's Weekly
 Romance, sex...[Marr] clearly knows her way around Hollywood. --Boston Globe

“Hollywood Girls Club is about as easy to stop consuming as a bowl of Häagen-Dazs.”
—Robin Hazelwood, author of Model Student

“Smart, sassy and brilliantly observed ... a funny and sharp exposé of the Hollywood machine.”

—Sue Margolis, author of Gucci Gucci Coo

Saucy..bound to be compared to certain Jackie Collins titles..tartly written entertainment --Boston Globe
Maggie Marr's L.A. story of friendships, scandals, and crazy egos is as fun and entertaining as any Hollywood blockbuster."
--Social Life Magazine

And now Hollywood Girls Club is ready for her digital dance. After some tinkering and a beautiful new cover (courtesy of the brilliant Kim Killion) Hollywood Girls Club is ready for her second debut.

I love her so and I hope you do to!

She'll be released Wednesday--yes this Wednesday (4/11) on Amazon. But before her big day I am giving away one copy each to two commentors. Please, leave a comment--tell me about something you love--maybe something you've kept or cherished for a long time and that love rings true no matter how many years go by.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reviews and Courting Trouble

So the thing about release day is it only lasts 24 hours. And then it is time to get back to work. Right now I am working on the deep edit of Courting Trouble:

The brilliant and amazing Kim Killion designed the cover. She truly is a genius.

I have a special spot in my heart for this book as it combines some of my favorite things: The Rocky Mountains, Romance, Law, Romance, Family, Romance...did I mention the Romance? I am excited for you to meet Tulsa McGrath the heroine--she is feisty and strong and emotionally confused--just like I like the women that I write! Cade Montgomery though isn't nearly as closed off as some of my heroes he is emotionally conflicted but for all the right reasons.

Set in Powder Springs Colorado a small town in the Rocky Mountains, the landscape, the town, and even the weather play big parts in this book. I stole one of Megan Crane's techniques and started a Pinterest board for the book.

Courting Trouble is set to release July 2012--wow that is really soon--guess I better get back to work. But before I do...

Can't Buy Me Love hit the top ten list at All Romance for Chick Lit sales! I'll take it! So exciting and all within the first weekend. Thank you!! I had no idea the amazing Jennifer Probst let me know and I was (and am) thrilled!!

Can't Buy Me Love got a fantastic review at In Love With Romance! Five out of Five stars. Let me just share my favorite part:

I loved, loved, loved this story. I live in L.A. so it was easier to relate to some of the real places mentioned (as I've been there). Aside from that, I work in the Corporate world, and so the way the story developed and the characters' interactions were too close to home for me. A lot of real life scenarios. This is now in my fave of faves bookshelf.

I am now looking forward to Maggie's next release.

Wow, thank you! So of course in honor of a this amazing review I am giving away a copy of Can't Buy Me Love. Leave a comment about your favorite book and you are entered to win!