Sunday, December 9, 2007

Plastic Surgery and US Magazine

Wow. So yesterday on a trip to the Barnes & Noble one of my most favorite places to hang out...because I do love books and I'd already seen a movie this weekend, I scoped out the latest US Magazine and there I was, in the cover story, actually quoted (page 58). That's right, Maggie Marr, former attorney turned ICM agent, turned author. A clever little agent story I told the reporter that actually made the very end of the article. One of my favorite stories of the many I got to witness and even participate in as an agent. Of course I don't name names...puh-lease. No one names names aside from Kathy Griffin who's made a great career out of it...and lost some friends (or so I hear.) I love my friends and all their stories, and if they want to go public with their botox, rhinoplasty, and peccadillos that is one thing but not my place to blab their names to the world. But yes, Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club does in fact have a major storyline with plastic surgery, and yes, 'maintenance' as we like to call it in LA LA land is necessary to stay oh so young and beautiful.

PS I am biased but Hollywood Girls Club the first book in the series is an excellent holiday gift.