Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Mid Western Rules

So last week (I know, I know, it's been a while but I'm editing Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club) my good friend and AMAZINGLY talented Best-Selling author of I'd Tell You That I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You, Ally Carter came to Los Angeles. Now I have a special soft spot in my heart for Ally (one being that she writes AMAZING MUST read Love You Kill You) but another one of the many reasons is that Ally is Mid Western! Kansas to be exact (you can't get more middle of the country than that). And as many of you know I am Mid Western; born in Illinois, graduated University of Kansas and law school in Chicago. After years of living in other regions I now realize that no matter how long you live on the East or West Coast you just never loose that Mid Western vibe. And it's a good vibe, a great vibe. There are certain 'rules' for ladies when you've grown up in the Mid West let me share a few. You must help when there is work to be done. Now this applies on the job but this rule is especially applicable when visiting friends (or family) for dinner. As a guest you MUST be the first one up and clearing the table. You always call anyone Mr. or Mrs. when you first speak to them (I have a great Hollywood story involving Cameron Diaz on this one). You must brag about how little money you spent on yourself. Frivolity is frowned upon. You give up your seat to strangers that are older, pregnant, or just look like they need it more than you. You offer to help people with doors, bags, or any other object creating difficulty for them. Do you drink Soda or Pop? Do you carry your groceries in a sack or a bag? Now I realize that some of these rules just seem to be about courtesy and respect and I am NOT implying that those of you reading this from other regions aren't polite. I can only write about that of which I know...and when Ally was here for dinner, it struck me as she buttered the garlic bread, helped me take care of my two girls, cleared the plates and put away the left-overs that these were all things I did and my bestest girlfriends do and I immediatley went back to my biggest fan, my Mom. These were all things that she did for her friends...So maybe it's not Mid Western maybe it's female or maybe it's just having a great Mom.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank You Phoenix

A big thank you to Phoenix, Arizona! I attended the Phoenix book festival and had a fantastic time! Jill Berenstein does a bang up job organizing this event. The whole experience was great fun.

The night before the festival was the author cocktail reception..and since I am now an 'author' I got to go! I made some new friends (see picture)

That's me with the red shoes (I LOVE my red shoes), Laura Fitzgerald and Melissa Clark. Laura Fitzgerald wrote Veil of Roses. An amazing book; she had me crying by page 10. I'm convinced if the women of America read this book...we could solve the problems in the Middle East. Melissa Clark wrote Swimming Upstream Slowly, which had me laughing by page 10. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND both books. Two thumbs up, four stars, great reads!

I signed books and took pictures. The girls swam in the hotel pool with their Dad. My Mom even flew to Phoenix for the festival...(my very FIRST festival). And now we're home. Today is Radio Tour Day...much much much more about Radio Tour day tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hollywood Girls Club Launch Party Pix I just love love love my launch party pix! Yes you can go to and type in Maggie Marr to see 39 pictures from the party. But here are some MORE pix for you....The fantastic director and photog Michael Covert took these lovely pix...Love You Michael! First let's set the scene, Area, 400 plus, and Hollywood Girls Club. I think that this pic does it oh so well...

A photo of me, with Hollywood Girls Club and the super-sized pic of HGC's cover...think I may have to frame it....

Next a photo of the beautiful Stacy Keibler

Could she be more beautiful??? I think not!

Next the author (me) with Stacy Keibler...please note; I'm the brunette

Next me with Party Promoter Extraordinaire Allison Melnick...she is the reason we had THE BEST venue in Los Angeles.

Must have a pic of the fabulous Uber-agent Andy Barzvi (the gorgeous blonde in the center)...

Me and Nony Tochterman

And finally my great friend film producer Tore Knos. Without his dedication, help and support this fantastic launch party wouldn't have been near as fantastic...

Again...I must THANK our sponsors; Factory Magazine, Hollywood Media Bridge, Moet Chandon, and Crown. Thank you to my producing partner Peg Cafferty. Thank you to Pam Silverstein for making a quick 24 hour trip to LA from NY so she could celebrate with me at the launch party. Also a special thank you to my mentor and friend Nick Reed. It takes a whole lot of people to create a great night and lucky for my I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Hills, Hollywood Girls Club and Area

So much to blog so little time. Now, I will reluctantly admit that I am in fact, a bit of a reality show junkee...say for instance THE HILLS. Oooohhh do I love it! And guess where we had our the Hollywood Girls Club launch party? Hmmm...
Area in Hollywood. THE hottest club as of late. A big thank you to club promoter extraordinaire (and superstar celeb in her own right) Allison Melnick! Second a thanks to our sponsors: Hollywood Media Bridge, Factory Magazine, Moet Chandon and Crown. Finally a big thanks to producer and friend Tore Knos. Without his tireless efforts this party wouldn't have happend. So let's set the scene shall we??? Yes 400+ of entertainments heavy hitters joined me for the evening at Area. I signed books, I posed for pics, I schmoozed, I chatted, I had a dance floor side banquet (that usually goes for 1500/night!) I was in fact Cici, Mary Anne and Christina the night that Mary Anne has her first one night stand...It's ALL in Hollywood Girls Club..which I may have mentioned is now on sale!!! And who did I meet? Hmm...two very sexy Mr. Terrence Howard and one Mr. Wilmer Valderama! Plus isn't this invite absolutely GORGEOUS! A huge thank you to Jennifer Hendricks at Pug Designs...she is absolutely brilliant. She captured the very essence of everything that is the Hollywood Girls Club.
Tomorrow...Phoenix and Chicago!
PS if you want more pics go to wireimage and type in Hollywood Girls Club

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hollywood Girls Club at a Bookstore Near You

HOLLYWOOD GIRLS CLUB IS ON SALE!!! I want to shout it out to the world. Please come meet my girls! Celeste, Lydia, Jessica and Mary Anne. I've seen the book twice in the stores and yes, I did tear up...perhaps the fourth best experience of my life (marriage, births of two children and then the book)! I even have a friend who saw the book, and PURCHASED HGC. Called me while she was in line at Barnes & Noble! What a great friend...Thank you Beth! Sightings? Any sightings? Please, if and when you see HGC shoot me an email, post a comment. Let me know that it isn't only The Grove, Sherman Oaks, and Lakewood, Colorado that has the book on sale. Oh..and can you tell, I'm pretty excited.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nealie The Goddess

So it's interesting when you publish a book. And then start to blog. Because your friends and family...well they start to read your blog and they have opinions about your blog..and perhaps there remarks are justified because as a fiction author you make up characters and get reviewed regarding your imagination (and ability to plot..or not plot if you're a literary fiction writer). But as a blogger, well I'm me and well my family they are real people and these are their lives. It's seems that my last blog...the one about the fabulous women in my life...well there was one friend that wasn't content with the word I chose to describe her, the metaphor did not make her happy.

Nealie doesn't want to be a rock.

Nealie wants to be a Goddess. Now I did not hear this from Nealie (as that isn't the way of women) and I can not reveal my sources....(psst, it was N*n*) but I can say that Nealie is no longer a rock. Oh, no, no, no... In my blog, Nealie is now and forever my Goddess. THE goddess. The Mommy Goddess, the Nealie Goddess, the Goddess known as Nealie or the Goddess formerly known as Nealie or whatever GODDESS she wants to be. And what about Andy? You might ask (if you read my blogs) Well Andy will obviously have to give up her Goddess title. But what word to describe Andy? If not Goddess, what then? Hmm...maybe fashionable?

Monday, April 2, 2007

It's April...time to meet my friends.

My husband was kind enough to mention to me yesterday that it is now, in fact April...the month that Hollywood Girls Club hits stores. After the flipping sensation in my stomach, the ringing in my ears, and the pounding in my chest stopped...(and I was still breathing) I smiled. Yes it is April! April! April! April! And the ladies are ready for their debut! I believe my...episode (that can only be described as a panic attack) is based on loving the ladies. The girls. Celeste, Jessica, Lydia, and Mary Anne, (and even Brie)...all of them. Loving their story. Loving that I was given their story to write (yes...I believe all my books are given to me to write). And wanting you to love these fantastic women too. Celeste with all her insecurities, Lydia with her cool exterior, Jessica the workaholic and Mary Anne the naive newbie who stumbles into the group. Wanting you to enjoy their friendship as I did. Writing their story and watching how these four women look out for one another and care for each other reminded me of all my friends. Of all the fantastic women in my life that have nourished and nurtured me (as only good girlfriends can). My friends have seen me at my absolute lowest (sometimes involving alcohol and often involving men...pre-marriage of course) and at my best (graduations, wedding, children, writing) and they love me. My friends love me and I love them. I don't just love them because they accept me good and bad (and believe me there was plenty of BAD) I love them because of who they are. I love Barb B. because she is warm, Molly because she is solid and good, Leslie because she is wicked smart, Debbie because now I can, Wendy because she is funny, Carrie because she is competitive, Allison because she's a rockstar, Barb S. because she's honest, Katy because she saw me at 14, Sara because she is an angle, Renie because she is kind, Nealie because she's a rock...Andy because she's a goddess! The list goes on and on and it does for every woman. As I age, I realize that I am in part, all my friends. I take a piece of them with me wherever I go and it helps me stay grounded and feel secure. I know my girlfriends will always love me whether I weigh 118 or 180. I know my girlfriends love me if I'm a raving bitch or sweet as pie, I know they love me if I'm sobbing or laughing. And I know that I will do the same for my friends; love them, unconditionally, emphatically, with all that I've got. My love for my friends was why my stomach flipped, my ears rang, and my heart pounded...Celeste, Lydia, Jessica and Mary Anne, are my friends. These four strong, smart, sexy women gave me their story to tell. And I hope I told it well. Because that's what girlfriends do right? Tell each other our stories and love each other because of them.... April the girls. Local bookstore. Hollywood Girls Club.
xo M