Monday, March 31, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour

Happy Monday! Today I am participating in the Writing Process Blog Tour. I was tagged by the wonderful Pamela Dumond. At the end of my post I get to tag 3 fabulous writer friends of mine who will post next Monday.

What am I working on right now?

Right now I am working on The Glamour Series. Book 1, Hard Glamour, came out in January and book 2, Broken Glamour will publish end of April. Today I am finalizing edits on Broken Glamour. I am also working on a draft of Fast Glamour that will publish in June.

How does my work differ from others of my genre?

It's written by me! :) Seriously though, The Glamour Series is contemporary new adult and my books differ in that they are all sent in Los Angeles with hints of the film industry. Since I've lived and worked in this industry for over a decade it seems to creep into nearly every one of my books.

Why do I write what I do?

Because I love romance and I hear these voices and they tell me these stories. Sure I can mold and change the story but the story is what the story is.

How does my writing process work?

I write first thing. I get between 2000 and 3000 words a day when I am first drafting. Once I have a first draft completed I put the story away for a while---optimally at least 2 weeks. Then I go back and reread the whole darn thing. This is where it gets tough for me--in the rewrite. I spend a looooong time rewriting and editing and rewriting. I often print each chapter and do my rewrite on the page and then input the changes into the manuscript on the computer. Then the draft goes to my editor. When the manuscript comes back from my editor I go through the edit. I send my book to beta readers. The manuscript then goes through 2 separate copy edits by 2 separate copy editors. Finally the book is sent to my formatter who does all digital distribution and paperback distribution through create space.

Voila! New book.

Next week the fabulous Jenny Gardiner will blog about her process. Jenny is kind and generous and talented. She is a member of The Girlfriends Book Club and the author of fabulous and funny books such as Naked Man on Main Street and Compromising Positions.

The amazing Brenda Janowitz will also blog about her writing process. Brenda's books are warm and heartfelt. She is the author of Recipe for a Happy Life and Jack With A Twist. Brenda is also a member of The Girlfriends Book Club.

Sylvie Fox is the brilliant author of The Good Enough Husband and Unlikely. Sylvie's books are heartbreaking and warm. She too, is a contributor to The Girlfriends Book Club.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fiver and a Birthday Weekend!

Today is FRIDAY! And that means Friday Fiver! The winner this week, according to is Stacy L. I've sent Stacy L an email and a $5.00 gift card plus a HUMONGOUS thank you for being on my newsletter list! To enter to win the Friday Fiver you must be on the Maggie Marr Newsletter List. You can get on the list here.

You know the fab thing about your birthday falling on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? You don't just get a birthDAY but you get a birthday WEEKEND! I've even been known to stretch such things to a Thursday or Monday. Yes, this weekend is MY birthday weekend and I am feeling pretty darned excited about another year!

As an admitted insecure over-achiever it's pretty easy for me to get caught up in all the things I want to work on and plan to accomplish and forget about all that I've done in the past year. Well this weekend I am going to think about the successes and the accomplishments. I am going to think of the clients that I've helped and the books that I've written. The volunteer work I've done. The laughter and the joy I've shared with friends and family. I am thankful for my clients, my readers, my co-workers, family, and friends. This weekend I am going to celebrate the past year and yes, even look forward to all the joy that I know the next year will bring.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lessons From The Universe

Every once and again the Universe reminds me of lessons that I believe I've know just to solidify that hard won knowledge. Today was another lesson in that old saying: When someone shows you who they are, believe them...the first time. I've made the mistake in the past of accepting apologies from those who've shown me their true colors only to be bitten on the ass, not once, twice, even three times, but over and over and over again to the point where I can't sit from the pain. Today one of those horrible ass-biters emerged again only to try to take one more chunk out of my derriere.

While I would love to give up many pounds of my ass, I am unwilling to be bitten. When I mentioned to this person that I wouldn't bend forward so that she could take a bite I was then harangued with a very personal and vile attack.

What to do? Not yet sure, but I definitely won't allow myself to be bitten.

Thank you, Universe, for the reminder. I still believe you. This person has shown me who she truly is, and I believe her.


Friday, March 21, 2014

New Manuscript=Less Irritability PLUS my Friday Fiver Winner

According the Hubs I've been irritable. I, of course, disagree with his assessment. Or, at the very least refuse to agree with him on principle. Yes, he's right. I have been irritable. I turned in a book to my editor last week and while you would think this would cause great HAPPINESS (which it does for about thirty minutes) in reality I soon become unbearable. See writing process here. Writing is what keeps me sane. Ask any one of my family, they will attest to the lack of sanity which results when I fail to write.

Today I regained my sanity. Today I started a new manuscript. Huzzah! Let the fun begin. Let the characters be wild and ca-razy with loads of drama and conflict. Because crazy drama makes a great book. A happy Hubs? Not so much.


My Friday Fiver Winner is Anna P.!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday--Where is my Concentration?

Happy Monday all. I seemed to have lost my ability to concentrate somewhere around Sunday. Today I am having a tough time getting down to work. All kinds of odds and ends to get through. The weekend was busy with one of my favorite things the monthly LARA meeting. Those writers are great fun. Carina press editor Mallory Braus joined us and gave us some info with regards to how she relates to authors and Carina press.

Now I am off to hunt for my ability to concentrate. Turning off internet in 3...2....